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Anxious People

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Review by: The Audiobook ReviewIt's very rare I give up on a book. Usually, I'll give anything a go and keep at it even if it's not engaging me as much as I'd like. Anxious People, written by Fredrik Backman, is one of those rare exceptions where I gave up and honestly gave up rather early. For a book awash in so many reviews saying how enjoyable it was and with an interesting blurb that made me keen to read it, this was, for me, deeply disappointing.

The attempts at humour seemed forced, and the parts of the story I got through were utterly uninteresting or unbelievable.

Narration by Marin Ireland was okay, given what she had to work with. Maybe with someone else narrating this or a different sense of timing? Maybe. I think the novel itself was the problem here, though.

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Overall, a shame. I'd had this one on my wishlist for over a year. I'd kept returning to it, thinking it still sounded like something I'd enjoy. The sample interested me enough, but the final product was a total letdown.

Anxious People

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