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Life Signs

Firefly #5

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Life Signs

Classic Firefly Adventure

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewLife Signs (Firefly Book 5) by James Lovegrove keeps alive the 'verse and the crew of Serenity, that old workhorse of a Firefly-class spaceship. This story fits in well with the feel of the overall series, kind of pleasant yet gritty, an absurd mission that can't possibly succeed but with wins pulled off by Mal and the crew in unexpected ways.

Inara is dying. An incurable form of aggressive cancer has made her a shell of what she once was. Unable to accept this, and upon hearing of a possible cure by an incarcerated genius, Mal hatches a plan to save Inara's life. Let's face it, we know she's going to make it because she's in the movie set after the events of this book, but we'll put that aside.

The crew just need to get past the heavily guarded prison planet, survive extreme cold, talk their way into a prison, and find the genius who may or may not still be alive and well living therein.

There's a lot to like about this story. It feels like it belongs in the universe with its feeling of hope and far-fetched plot. Narration by James Anderson Foster was once again fantastic. Many of the voices are reminiscent of the characters from the TV show without being just mimicry.

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Overall, another great addition to the Firefly 'verse. I really enjoy revisiting the short-lived TV show from time to time, and these books help feed the want I have for more of it.

Life Signs

Firefly #5

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