Year Zero

I took a chance on this one after it popped up in a two-for-one sale. I've thought about giving this one a go, almost from when it came out as... [continue reading]

Son of a Liche

It had been some time since I'd listened to the first book in this series (Orconomics), and after listening to the first five minutes of this book, I stopped and... [continue reading]


Orconomics: A Satire, written by J. Zachary Pike, lives up to its title! A humorous satire of orc, dwarves, elves and other fantasy folks in a world where the world... [continue reading]


QualityLand, by Marc-Uwe Kling. Where you can only talk in superlatives - hence the subject line for this review! Where machines don't make mistakes. A world where who you are... [continue reading]

Nuns with Guns

This is the second audiobook I've read by Seth Kaufman and enjoyed this possibly even more than the first. It had been sitting in my "to read" list in my... [continue reading]