[1] Orconomics꞉ A Satire꞉ The Dark Profit Saga, Book 1
Satire Review


Orconomics: A Satire, written by J. Zachary Pike, lives up to its title! A humorous satire of orc, dwarves, elves and other fantasy folks in a world where the world of heroes and monsters is being run into the ground […]

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Evertrue꞉ An Underworld Fairytale
Children's Books Review


Evertrue, written by Jill London, is a feel-good fairytale adventure. Now, I’ll admit to having help reviewing this one. I enlisted my youngest daughter to listen along with me. I knew without even asking that she enjoyed it. Giggling away

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Rule Of Cool꞉ A Litrpg Novel
Review LitRPG

Rule of Cool

Rule of Cool, written by Matthew Siege, is a fun romp along with the “bad guys”, in this case, the lowly NPCs of Gearblins (and a few other races but the main characters are Gearblins). As you can expect, the

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Mid Lich Crisis
Review Fantasy

Mid-Lich Crisis

Mid-Lich Crisis, written by Steve Thomas, is a tale of a Darruk, a lich (basically an undead mage) with a single, somewhat noble pursuit of saving the world through any means necessary. Unfortunately, he’s constantly thwarted at every opportunity by

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