The Drug Propaganda

Volume 1: Prohibition

The Drug Propaganda
Written by: Dan Russell
Narrated by: Tom Herder
Length: 20 Hours 30 Minutes



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“This dazzling book is a magnificent addition to literature about the madness of our centuries-old war on drugs. Bizarre characters and amazing stories are richly illustrated in both words and pictures. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into wonderland.” (Stephen Kinzer, author of The Brothers, Overthrow, All the Shah’s Men, Poisoner in Chief)

"The best book I ever read on the Drug War." (Celerino Castillo III, lead DEA agent in Guatemala and El Salvador, 1985-90, who developed much of the Contra cocaine evidence; author of Powderburns)

"An important, strenuously argued contribution to the case against our nation's scandalous narcotics policies and laws. Particularly valuable are the the encyclopaedic historical and anthropological perspectives which the author brings to bear on our cultural crisis. His scathing review of today's unjust confiscation and sentencing statutes is balanced by encouraging and badly-needed statistics about the successes of alternatives, such as the Dutch decriminalization program." (Peter Dale Scott, English department, University of California, Berkeley, author of Cocaine Politics, Deep Politics, Crime & Cover-Up, Coming To Jakarta)

“Dan...I spent a good part of the weekend with your is very thorough and very useful...I will certainly cite it in my own works and lectures.” (Melvin Goodman, author of Whistleblower at the CIA, Insult to Intelligence, National Insecurity)


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