LAF: From the Eyes of Contentment

LAF:  From the Eyes of Contentment
Written by: Eugene Hyland Maze
Narrated by: Eugene Hyland Maze & Dana R. Ramirez
Length: 2 Hours 52 Minutes



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You are not a sinner bound for hell. You are an archer who missed the mark. This audiobook will show you how to run to the arrow that fell short, help you realize that you are closer to the target now, and that you can shoot the arrow again. But this time, hit the bullseye, earning your badge as an expert in life.

This two-part audiobook on love, acceptance, and forgiveness explores the author's thesis on the unseen organ of humankind. The heart can be deceived. The mind can be persuaded to believe anything, and therefore, cannot be trusted. But deep inside us (everyone of us), is that place where we can know the real person, the person that was created for a purpose.

That unseen organ has been called many things: the spirit, the soul, the universe. No doctor, however, has found where that organ resides inside of us. It has never been x-rayed, or seen on a catscan. But it is more a part of us, more real than what we have discovered about the makeup of humankind as we know it. You can be free of the haunting past. You can love, accept, and forgive others and yourself. The faith and power to accomplish your purpose lives in you. You can find yourself, whatever you are going through, to be content, to be at peace, and to overcome all things.


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