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Light at The End

Light at The End
Written by: Henry G.M. Jones
Narrated by: Henry G.M. Jones
Length: 2 Hours 34 Minutes



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A stunning debut novella that severs the heart with horror and sutures it with hope.

Gordon would give anything to have Wyatt back. He'd risk and sacrifice all he holds sacred to hear his child's voice again. Nothing will bring that voice back. The dead are dead, and they do not speak, but they listen. They hear. And sometimes...they heed the call. The dead cannot touch, but they can guide. They cannot ask, but they can answer. They have no voice...but they can lie.

Wyatt's restless spirit returns to point the way to his killer. Gordon failed his son. He can't bring him back, but he can bring him justice. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost, he'll pay it. Anything for his boy. Anything.


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