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Last Hope for Hire

Last Hope for Hire
Written by: Matthew Wilcox
Narrated by: Matthew Wilcox
Length: 8 Hours 34 Minutes



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Allen's son is in danger. A rare form of epilepsy is damaging his brain, and Allen's insurance is cutting him off. To cover the costs, Allen returns to being a high-tech mercenary. Not exactly ideal for a father who enjoys carbs far more than stomach crunches. After his first mission back, Allen soothes his wounds before getting a message from Eamon Tor, America's first trillionaire.

Tor tells Allen about Eden Therapy. It treats terrible diseases, but can also drive patients insane. Still, it's exciting news - especially with the offer of complete care for Allen's son as a reward. But Tor has a surprise. It's a choice that puts Allen's conscience, marriage, and abilities to the test, and sends his ragtag team on a dangerous operation halfway around the world.


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