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Written by: AJ Anthony
Narrated by: John Fabela
Series: Life Behind Bars #1
Genres: Humor
Published: 21st of January, 2021
Length: 5 Hours 56 Minutes



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Enter BG's nightclub, where poison is served and profit is made. You'll find your best friend, party your ass off, and fall in lust...but it may cost you your soul and make you vulnerable to the ultimate betrayal. This isn't your daddy's sappy cocktail story!

Barsoap: Life Behind Bars Vol.1 is a fast-paced erotic dramedy featuring Sean Collins, an accountant-turned-bartender. Shortly after his mother's tragic death, he receives a letter from her regarding his father, whom he never knew. She believes what was ruled an accidental death, over 20 years ago, was actually murder by his business partner Beau Garrett. Acting on this information, Sean immerses himself into the chaotic, addictive world of bartending in an upscale nightclub owned by Garrett, in order to get close to him and uncover the truth.

The answers are there, if he can survive the barflies, jealous husbands, drugs, thugs, dealers, and the treacherous club owner. It's an insider's look and expose into bar culture and lifestyle filled with excessive partying, promiscuity, and drug abuse.

An interesting, fun, and wild ride through the cycles of that world. Experience the decadence without the guilt and hangovers. Listener indiscretion is advised.

Over 20 years in the making, Barsoap is an erotic dramedy featuring Sean Collins, an accountant. In an effort to uncover answers to his father’s suspicious death, he takes a bartending position at BG’s Night Club. It is owned by the cantankerous and treacherous Beauregard Garrett (ex-business partner of Sean’s father.) Sean is easily engulfed by the pitfalls of the bar culture/lifestyle. The answers are there if he can survive the partying, unbridled sex, drugs, and betrayal. This isn’t your daddy’s Cheers.


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