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Book Details

Mabel the Detective Pig

Mabel the Detective Pig


Written by: Dr. Craig Moon Hannaway
Narrated by: Craig Hannaway
Genres: Children
Published: 7th of August, 2020
Length: 2 Hours 4 Minutes



Listen to Samples:

No one knows how certain pigs became so clever. But this very special one, Mabel the detective pig, has had a long lifetime of solving crime, and wants to be left alone to wallow in the mud. But when an anonymous tip-off says that Lady Farquar-Parker's jewels are going to be stolen in the middle of her own birthday party, Mabel is intrigued enough to go along, with her trusted sidekick Sergeant Perkins.

Little does she suspect until she gets there, that the thief is her arch-nemesis Monsieur le Jambon, the infamous French criminal pig, who has decided to come out of retirement. The action is fast and furious, ending with a daring escape for Monsieur le Jambon. Yet Mabel still gets the upper hand - till next time!


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