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Book Details

Anna Mae Lee Is My Name

Anna Mae Lee Is My Name

COVID 19: A Compilation


Written by: Caldwell Lee
Narrated by: A.J Carter
Genres: Poetry
Published: 11th of November, 2020
Length: 2 Hours 21 Minutes


Listen to Samples:

Poet Caldwell Lee is back with another sensational book of poems.

Anna Mae Lee Is My Name: COVID 19: A Compilation is a terrific book of poems, full of some of the best poetry one can imagine. In the new era of Stay-at-Home-Coronavirus, Lee has had plenty of time to hone his writing skills and deliver a masterpiece for the ages.

It's time once again to enter the sensational world of Caldwell Lee. The poet has managed to outdo himself this time. Lee's seventh book in the series will keep the listener intrigued and focused throughout. The poet once again, to the delight of his captive audience, delivers his utopia, his dream world.

Lee's magnificent compilation of poems, plus new artistic works, will keep listeners engaged and placed in a virtual world of fantasy that only Caldwell Lee can bring to fruition. Enjoy other great poems like "Aura of Love", "Catcher Silhouette of a Bad Dude", and "Book on Grammar". In the era of COVID-19, Caldwell Lee wants his public, fans, and friends to stay home, stay safe, and enjoy listening to poetry.

Poetry first, poetry strong!


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