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Witches Be Crazy

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Witches Be Crazy
Written by: Logan J. Hunder
Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin
Genres: Humorous | Fantasy
Published: 9th of July, 2015
Length: 10 Hours 59 Minutes


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Real heroes never die. But they do get grouchy in middle age. The beloved King Ik is dead, and there was barely time to check his pulse before the royal throne was supporting the suspiciously shapely backside of an impostor pretending to be Ik's beautiful, long-lost daughter. With the land's heroic hunks busy drooling all over themselves, there's only one man left who can save the kingdom of Jenair.

His name is Dungar Loloth, a rural blacksmith turned innkeeper, a surly hermit, and an all-around nobody oozing toward middle age, compensating for a lack of height, looks, charm, and tact with guts and an attitude. Normally politics is the least of his concerns, but after everyone in the neighboring kingdom of Farrawee comes down with a severe case of being dead, Dungar learns that the masquerading princess not only is behind the carnage but also has similar plans for his own hometown.

Together with the only person senseless enough to tag along, an eccentric and arguably insane hobo named Jimminy, he journeys out into the world he's so pointedly tried to avoid as the only hope of defeating the most powerful person in it. That is, if he can survive the pirates, cultists, radical Amazonians, and assorted other dangers lying in wait along the way.

Logan J. Hunder's hilarious debut blows up the fantasy genre with its wry juxtaposition of the fantastic and the mundane, proving that the best and brightest heroes aren't always the best for the job.



Good Old Fashioned Nonsensical Romp

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewOkay, I'll admit this one took me a little to get in to. I wasn't overly sucked in right away, but the more I listened to the story unfold the more I had to keep sticking my earbuds in and keep on listening.

The story is a nonsense romp through a medieval type world filled with fantasy creatures and magic. Our long-suffering hero, Dungar Loloth, kicks off on a quest that sees him kidnapped or otherwise held against his will an astonishing amount of time. Along the way, he meets Jimminy, an... eccentric lad, chipper to the point of being possibly insane. Together they march towards their goal - to rid the kingdom of a witch who intends on usurping the throne.

There were a few moments that pulled me out of the immersion of the world along the way. Two examples I can think of are referring to whiskey as "scotch" and another time referring to "Kool-Aid". Whiskey I can believe exists, but calling it scotch didn't make sense...and Kool-Aid likely needs to explanation.

That said, Hunder packed a hell of a lot of story into the almost 11 hours of plot. The narrator, James Patrick Cronin, did a great job of voicing the characters and making each unique and for the most part, believable.

There were some more obvious jokes and cliches relied upon, but nothing that stopped me from listening. All up, I'd certainly give any other books written by Logan J. Hunder consideration for a listen.


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Reviewed: 2020-09-18

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