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Treasure Island

An Audible Original Drama

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Treasure Island
Written by: Robert Louis Stevenson
Narrated by: Philip Glenister, Catherine Tate, Owen Teale
Genres: Classics | Drama & Plays | Swashbuckling
Published: 17th of August, 2017
Length: 6 Hours 23 Minutes


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Audible UK

Audible Originals takes to the high seas to bring you a timeless and thrilling tale of pirates, lost treasure maps, and mutiny, with a stellar cast that includes BAFTA-nominated Catherine Tate (The Office–US, Doctor Who), Philip Glenister (Outcast, Life On Mars–UK), Owen Teale (Game of Thrones), and Daniel Mays (Rogue One, Atonement). Our team in London has modernized and re-imagined Stevenson’s classic coming-of-age adventure story for the entire family.

Young innkeeper Jim Hawkins thought he had seen his fair share of characters until old sailor Billy Bones arrives at the inn. When Bones dies mysteriously, Jim stumbles across a treasure map leading to a stash of buried pirate gold, and a wild adventure begins. Jim is thrown into a world of treachery, mutiny, castaways, and murder. At the center of it all is the sinister Long John Silver, who will stop at nothing to grab the loot. One of the best-loved adventure stories ever written, Robert Louis Stevenson's 1881 tale introduces listeners to Long John Silver, forever associating peg-legged pirates with "X marks the spot" in popular culture.

This audio adventure was created by Marty Ross. Marty dubbed the Glaswegian master of radio horror by the BBC, is the author of a number of radio and audio dramas, including the popular BBC series Ghost Zone and Catch My Breath. His other credits include audio dramas based on Doctor Who and Dark Shadows for Big Finish and several plays for the Wireless Theatre Company. He created a series of grand scale audio dramas for Audible, ranging from radically contemporary re-imaginings of Shakespeare (Romeo and Jude) to his Audie-nominated adaptation of Treasure Island and two volumes of Arabian Nights dramatizations. Ross also performs his own work as a live-theater storyteller.



What a treat! A classic tale brought to life.

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewIt's safe to say I enjoyed every second of this dramatization of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic "Treasure Island". A star-studded cast including Catherine Tate and Owen Teale, this dramatic retelling kept me engrossed the whole time.

As a dramatization with a full cast narration along with sound effects to complete the immersion, it was played dark and gritty and not for swashbuckling effects as it so could so easily have been.

For the most part, it tracked along with what I could recall from when I last read the book (I'll admit it's been a while but all the notes I could remember were hit along the way), with some changes that didn't at all detract. If anything, the interactions of the characters, in particular Long John Silver's conversations with Jim Hawkins.

Silver, played by Owen Teale (Alliser Thorne from Game of Thrones), was almost unnervingly well portrayed. His gruff, gravelly voice of one of the most infamous pirates of them all had me transfixed, His portrayal of the cunning, conniving manipulation of all involved in the treasure hunt was top remarkable.

If you've not read Treasure Island before, or even if you have, this rendition is well worth a listen.


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Reviewed: 2020-09-11

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