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Nuns With Guns

Nuns With Guns
Written by: Seth Kaufman
Narrated by: George Kuch
Genres: Humor | Satire
Published: 5th of December, 2019
Length: 8 Hours 3 Minutes



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The most hilarious man in hollywood is unarmed and dangerous!

Out-of-control producer Rick Salter wants to leave reality TV behind, get married, and make movies. But it’s not easy. When a senseless murder touches his life, Rick knows exactly what to do - enlist his pal Sister Rosemarie to make a TV series called Nuns with Guns, about four nuns competing to collect the most firearms. Protests and death threats pile up as the sisters travel the country running gun exchanges. Propelled by the show’s spirited stars and crazy stunts - and the shadow of death that looms over every episode - the series becomes a smash hit. As Rick pushes the envelope, trying to save America from itself, a question emerges: Who will save Rick?



Disarming Nuns Disarm the Public and Deliver a Great Story

Review by: Morgan HobbesThis is the second audiobook I've read by Seth Kaufman and enjoyed this possibly even more than the first. It had been sitting in my "to read" list in my library since I picked up a promo code for it a short while after getting the first book "King of Pain".

Again, we follow Rick Salter this time a short while after the events of the first book. He's recovered, some might say reformed, after his experiences but is still dead keen on producing a hit TV show, the idea for which lands in his lap thanks to one of the characters from the first (guess which, based on the title!)... which after a tragic event spurs him into action.

With another unstoppable juggernaut of a reality show on his hands, Rick launches the show into the stratosphere with people loving and hating the show (Rick's standard move) in equal measure. With the NRA and other 2nd Amendment enthusiasts trying to thwart him at every step, will Rick finally make it through an entire first season of a show he invented?

Kaufman doesn't pull any punches when hitting hard with stories and facts about gun violence. He even paints good arguments for the "pro" side as well. The story isn't trying to promote taking away people's rights, it's a show where people touched by gun violence can share their stories and hand in the guns in a show of solidarity.

I blasted through this book in two sittings (first a 5-hour stretch and then the remaining 3), as listening to George Kuch portray the razor-tongued Salter is a delight to listen to.

The only problem I have with Kaufman's books? The TV shows aren't real! I'd watch the hell out of Nuns with Guns!

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I have not let this gift affect nor influence my opinions of this audiobook and have left an honest review.


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Reviewed: 2020-08-30

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