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Miss Someday

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Miss Someday
Written by: R.J. Ryker
Narrated by: Racquel Roberts
Genres: Young Adult | Women's Fiction
Published: 10th of July, 2020
Length: 6 Hours 54 Minutes


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When a secret from her past prevents her from attending an elite music school, Brittany turns to a man she's never met - her birth father.

Brittany can't remember a time when music wasn't part of her life. She's spent every extra penny on voice lessons and the acoustic guitar she keeps in the trunk of her car.

When one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country offers her a partial scholarship, there's still no guarantee she'll make it to New York.

Two years ago, in a misguided attempt to save her mother from jail time, Brittany was arrested for assisting her drug-dealing step-father. It was a stupid mistake that dashed her hopes of pursuing a career in music.

But she's not willing to give up on her dreams.

When Brittany's mom dies, she leaves her a letter explaining for the first time who her father is - Thomas Smith, a popular small town doctor and politician. More important, he has money, and if Brittany can gain his trust, he might be her ticket to New York.

When her father's political rivals threaten to reveal Brittany's past, everything she's worked for, including her relationship with her new family, might be lost for good.

Miss Someday is a novel about the power of love, dreams, and family devotion.



Pleasant enough but mostly forgettable

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI'm in two minds about this book. On one hand, it was a nice, pleasant story... on the other, I'm not sure how much I really was engaged with it, the longer I think back on it. It seems as though most of the problems faced in this book could have been solved simply by sitting down and talking.

Brittany, our protagonist, is a little one-note (hah! music pun) throughout it, and kind of hard to like. I get why she's written the way she is because of her rough upbringing, but she mostly lacks any real redeeming qualities that aren't ultimately about getting what she wants.

About half way through I bumped up the playback speed because I just wanted to get through it and on to my next book. I liked it enough to stick with it, but ultimately I don't think I cared enough about the characters by the end. One particular facet of the ending was telegraphed so early on it came as no real surprise.

The narration was pleasant, Racquel Roberts doing a fine job bringing the characters to life. I did notice a couple of repeated sentences, as though they were re-takes that were mistakenly left in. Not a deal breaker, but certainly enough to jolt me out of the moment.

So all in all, pleasant enough but I don't think I'll be seeking out the sequel.

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I have not let this affect nor influence my opinions of this audiobook, and have left an honest review.


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Reviewed: 2020-07-22

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