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The Fluid, Embalmed for Life

The Fluid, Embalmed for Life
Written by: Fred Kissell
Narrated by: Fred Kissell
Genres: Horror
Published: 13th of October, 2021
Length: 5 Hours 27 Minutes



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Audible UK

This audiobook includes the 16-song album, The Fluid, Embalmed for Life, as performed by Dangerous Neighbors.

Science, Religion Horror Your Eternal Life Awaits After a conversion from common man to mortician to Messiah, the world's first true living Christ falls in love with a dead woman he resurrects.

Although thankful for her newfound beauty, she is not interested in his offer of eternal life, dishonor to mankind's fate, nor promises of an ever greater science of God. His elaborate funeral home mysteriously burns down exposing the worst illegal mortuary discovery ever.


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