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Let the Swine Go Forth

Let the Swine Go Forth
Written by: Auriel Roe
Narrated by: Adrian J. Landers
Genres: Humor | Dark Humor
Published: 29th of October, 2021
Length: 12 Hours 14 Minutes


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Out of the blue, a failed actor turned drama teacher, Tristram Randolph, has greatness thrust upon him in the form of the top job as headmaster at a new school in the dysfunctional capital of a despotic post-Soviet state. Swineforth International, a franchise of a third-rate public school in England, is out in the desert, and there's no escape as the foreign faculty have had their passports confiscated. To make matters worse, Randolph and his motley crew of teachers, each of whom embodies one of the seven deadly sins, gradually fall victim to their own vices. Things come to a head when a revolution breaks out, the school is shut down, and Randolph is accused of aiding and abetting the rebellion. His only hope lies in winning a presidential pardon with the performance of a lifetime.



A Humorous Romp

Review by: Morgan HobbesWith a style reminiscent of classic cinematic British romps, Let the Swine Go Forth by Auriel Roe ably carries on that tradition. A story of a rather hapless headmaster in a (very) foreign land, leading a group of teachers that embody the seven deadly sins. Starting a new international school in a country run by a ruthless dictator... things were never going to be easy.

Tristram Randolph takes the role of headmaster in the newly built Swineforth Hospital International - a school for the children of the rich and famous in Kebapistan, a post-Soviet country close to Afghanistan. Kebapistan is ruled by Anomaly Zoran, President-for-Life, who rules with an iron fist, along with his two drop-dead gorgeous daughters who inherited Anomaly's ruthlessness and guile.

Tristram is roped into taking the job in the hopes of getting a ride in an Aston Martin. Ever the social climber, Tristram overlooks so early warning signs, and well, almost every other warning sign along the way that things aren't quite right. Neither with the country nor with his clutch of handpicked teachers.

The cast of misfits embodies at least one of the seven deadly sins, some more obvious than others. The side characters are just as fun as the main, each with their own little thing going on. The overall plot and pacing moved along nicely. The blundering idiot abroad worked well, with plenty to make me laugh, and occasionally cringe in sympathy for the hapless foreigners.

The narration by Adrian J. Landers was good. In-studio sound effects (like clapping, knocking etc) gave it the occasional vibe of a radio show. Some of Landers' female voices left a little to be desired, but I think he did well making them all unique with the large cast of characters. The quality lacked a little polish, with the occasional obvious edit where one part didn't quite sound like the next. Nothing bad enough to put me off, though.

Narration Sample

The ending felt a little rushed. I'd have preferred knowing the ultimate fate of some of the characters I grew to enjoy throughout the book, whereas they were seemingly swept aside with a single statement. An extra paragraph or two to know their full story would have made the difference.

Ultimately, a classic tale of idiots trying hard in a foreign country but failing miserably for most of it. Bawdy and tongue-in-cheek humour and an easy to follow plot made for an enjoyable listen.

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I have not let this gift affect nor influence my opinions of this audiobook and have left an honest review.


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Reviewed: 2021-11-09

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