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Nursing Audio NCLEX-RN Review

MedTalk: Learn While You Live

Nursing Audio NCLEX-RN Review
Written by: Esther Beyderman
Narrated by: Esther Beyderman
Genres: Non-Fiction
Published: 30th of June, 2021
Length: 12 Hours 58 Minutes



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Our NCLEX-RN series is intended to be used by both nursing educators and nursing students alike. Our goal is to help transition students to successfully practicing nurses. This journey in many ways begins by passing the nursing board exam. Our audiobook edition is a summarization of important, high-yield concepts that students need to know in order to pass the NCLEX exam.

We have divided the curriculum into sections based on organ systems to facilitate review. The sections can also be used as a guide for the nursing educators as well as students to conceptualize on the most important aspects of the nursing curriculum to pass the exam. The lectures are taught by top nursing educators who specialize in the nursing field they are presenting.

The curriculum is explained in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Our goal is to help you learn while you are busy living your life.


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