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Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems

An Unconventional Heroes Publisher's Pack

Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems
Written by: L. G. Estrella
Narrated by: Fred Berman
Series: Unconventional Heroes #1
Genres: Humorous | Sword & Sorcery
Published: 26th of May, 2020
Length: 13 Hours 5 Minutes


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Contains Books 1 and 2 of the Unconventional Heroes series.

Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Elf, book 1:

Two necromancers, a bureaucrat, and an elf - it sounds like the start of a bad joke, only the joke is on Timmy.

Timothy Walter Bolton - better known as Timmy - has spent most of his life as a necromancer. When he isn't terrorising his enemies, he's plotting inside his castle, which is built on top of lightless chasms filled with nameless horrors and beings of a generally malevolent and megalomaniacal nature. But after one of his latest creations, a zombie hydra-dragon-bear, tries to eat him, he decides that maybe it's time to find a new, less dangerous, career.

But that's easier said than done. He's a wanted criminal with no shortage of powerful (and crazy) enemies, and he has a bone or two to pick with the Everton Council of Mages.

It's a good thing that he's got some help: an obnoxious 10-year-old apprentice who thinks that pink glasses are appropriate for a budding necromancer and a bumbling bureaucrat who may or may not make it through their first real fight without puking his guts up. Wonderful.

Two Necromancers, an Army of Golems, and a Demon Lord, book 2:

Two necromancers, an army of golems, and a demon lord - it sounds like a recipe for trouble, and for Timmy, it definitely is.

To earn his pardon and avoid horrible torture and/or gruesome execution, Timmy has to complete every mission the Council throws his way, most of which seem to involve extremely scary things trying to kill him. At least he’s got help - sort of. His help consists of an apprentice with designs on his castle (and her plans may or may not involve overthrowing him), a bureaucrat whose two greatest skills are fainting in the face of trouble and using people (usually Timmy) as human shields, and an elf with the world's worst case of pyromania and enough magic to level a mountain.

Somehow, Timmy's got to get this bunch of unconventional heroes to work together. Trouble is coming, and it's trouble of the kind that only a necromancer like Timmy could possibly find himself in the middle of.



Easy to Enjoy Humorous Fantasy

Review by: Morgan HobbesTwo Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems, by L. G. Estrella, is the "publisher's pack" of the first two books in the Unconventional Heroes series. I feel it is aimed at a younger audience than the bracket I fall into, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it!

These were a fun, easy to listen to pair of humorous fantasy books that follow the adventures of Grand Necromance Timothy Walter Bolton (Timmy), his cute-as-a-button ten-year-old apprentice Katie, a pyromaniacal elf as they try to earn themselves pardons for their years of misdeeds, and become citizens in good standing once again.

Timmy isn't like other necromancers. He's nice, mostly, for a start. He doesn't go around making his own corpses for his zombie-making needs; he'd much rather support the economy by purchasing them from reputable dealers. He keeps the creatures of the void at bay, preventing their devouring of the planet, and generally goes against all the stereotypes one may hold for necromancers.

Light-hearted humour throughout as Timmy and the unconventional heroes work to prove they are worthy of the pardon. The stories tick along nicely, if occasionally a tiny bit repetitively, as the plot unfolds. While mostly suitable for the whole family, a few choice words may not be suitable for the younger ones.

The narrator, Fred Berman, did a great job with all the characters. I found him a little reminiscent of Bob Odenkirk, to the point where I began picturing Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad) as Timmy. The rest of the voices were well done, and easy to tell one character from another.

Narration Sample

Two books for the price of one, plus a few bonus short stories in there as well between books one and two. Great value, easy to enjoy humorous fantasy.


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Reviewed: 2021-10-05

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