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The Keepers of the Light

The Keepers of the Light
Written by: Otto Schafer
Narrated by: A.J Carter
Series: God Stones #2
Genres: Young Adult | Fantasy
Published: 13th of September, 2021
Length: 14 Hours 30 Minutes



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Magic meant for another world is threatening to destroy ours. Can these teens accept their destiny and stop an ancient foe before he unleashes hell on Earth?

Breanne Moore has found the boy who haunted her dreams of fire and now she must help him fulfill their joint destiny. If she fails, her father may never wake from the coma he entered when magic was released into our world. But the guilt from her mother's death still plagues her with debilitating flashbacks. Will she be able to overcome her fear when it matters most?

Garrett Turek has been lied to his whole life by almost everyone he has ever known. Now, faced with the knowledge he is destined to lead a group of his chosen against a vengeful enemy, Garrett must embrace his destiny and learn to follow his heart.

Gabi is 13, with big dreams of being a lead archaeologist just like Sarah, the manager of their dig site in Mexico. But no one could know the unbelievable secrets that lie below…dangerous secrets. Now Gabi must find a way to stay alive.

Can Garrett, Breanne, and the others stop Apep before he learns how to assemble the God Stones and set the Earth on a course to destruction?

Will Gabi make it out of the dig site in Mexico before it's too late?

The Keepers of the Light is the second book in the sensational God Stones YA contemporary fantasy series. If you like diverse characters, immersive settings, and heated suspense, then you'll love Otto Schafer's coming-of-age adventure.

Listen to The Keepers of the Light and fulfill your prophecy today!


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