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The Outlands

The Outlands Saga # 1

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The Outlands
Written by: Tyler Edwards
Narrated by: Robert Grindley
Series: The Outlands Saga #1
Genres: Dystopia | Post-Apocalyptic
Published: 28th of July, 2021
Length: 9 Hours 31 Minutes


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In the ruins of the world that was, lies the city of Dios, a haven protected from the hostile environment known as The Outlands. Ruled by an oppressive patriarch, the people of Dios are conditioned in fear. The smallest infraction could result in banishment to the Outlands, a fate worse than death.

With his makeshift family of “Undesirables”, Jett Lasting struggles to find his place in a world where drawing attention to yourself can get you killed. His very existence is considered a crime. To survive, he must avoid guards, beggar gangs, and an ever-growing tension that could drag the whole city into chaos.

Jett unwittingly becomes entwined in a plot to overthrow the government where his choices could lead to freedom or the death of everyone he’s ever known or cared about.


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