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The Devil's Picture Book

The Devil's Picture Book
Written by: Geoffrey Charles Pate
Narrated by: John Carter Aimone
Genres: Crime | Fiction
Published: 15th of January, 2018
Length: 5 Hours 3 Minutes



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Jack Brewster, a detective suddenly on the wrong side of the law, drives his car to the bottom of a lake, with a young woman tied up in the trunk.

As the car fills with water, they pass out, moments away from drowning. Mysteriously, they regain consciousness in an alternate reality which seems to mirror their own, but in nightmarish fashion.

With no memory of who they are, their search for answers leads them to a sinister, charismatic figure, the proprietor of a casino called The House of the Rising Sun. He offers them both the ultimate gamble - their souls, for another shot at life.

Blending the genres of film noir, horror, and romance, The Devil's Picture Book is an intriguing cocktail of menace, mystery, and passion.


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