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Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy

Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy
Written by: Steven Campbell
Narrated by: Liam Owen
Series: Hard Luck Hank #1
Genres: Humorous | Galactic Empire | Aliens
Published: 17th of June, 2014
Length: 9 Hours 20 Minutes


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Hank is a thug. He knows he's a thug. He has no problem with that realization. In his view the galaxy has given him a gift: a mutation that allows him to withstand great deals of physical trauma. He puts his abilities to the best use possible and that isn't by being a scientist.

Besides, the space station Belvaille doesn't need scientists. It is not, generally, a thinking person's locale. It is the remotest habitation in the entire Colmarian Confederation. There is literally no reason to be there.

Unless you are a criminal.

Because of its location, Belvaille is populated with nothing but crooks. Every day is a series of power struggles between the crime bosses.

Hank is an intrinsic part of this community as a premier gang negotiator. Not because he is eloquent or brilliant or an expert combatant, but because if you shoot him in the face he keeps on talking.

Hank believes he has it pretty good until a beautiful and mysterious blue woman enters his life with a compelling job offer.

Hank and Belvaille, so long out of public scrutiny, suddenly find themselves the epicenter of the galaxy with a lot of very unwelcome attention.



A Long Time Favorite

Review by: Morgan HobbesHard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy, written by Steven Campbell, is a series of humorous science fiction books that I've enjoyed (in Kindle format) for a long time. Up until the recent Audible sale, I'd resisted buying them as an audiobook because I couldn't quite reconcile the voice of Hank with the character I'd built up in my head over the years.

I'm still having difficulty, but it'd been too long since I visited the world of Hank, Garm, Delovoa, and the rest of the criminals loafing about the space station Belvaille, and the price was right so I figured I could at least try.

On the space station at the end of the explored galaxy, Hank is a minor celebrity. He's been around almost as long as the station has existed and is virtually impossible to kill. He's a class 4 mutant, basically making him bulletproof. He uses this ability to get rivals to sit down and talk because they know they can't just shoot him.

There's a lot of story packed into each book in the series, and the first is no exception. Counting the times I've read the Kindle versions, this is probably about the sixth or seventh time I've read "Screw the Galaxy" and it always blows me away how much is going on. Plots and layers of subplots that all intertwine and culminate in the overall arc for the particular book.

Even as many times as I've experienced these stories, there are still parts that make me laugh out loud. Hank is no fool, even though he seems old and slow to a lot of the characters, his mind is sharper even after being dulled by time than most other people on the station could ever hope to be.

Narration by Liam Owen, as stated earlier, is the main reason I put off getting this series as audiobooks for so long. His voice is growing on me, slowly... though he's more "Hank Hill" than what I'd consider "Hard Luck Hank" should be. Owen has a weird narration style. The cadence barely changes at all, regardless of who is talking or the action taking place. It's all said at virtually the same pace, sometimes making it hard to tell the difference between when it's character narration or speech.

The final product is a little unpolished too. The audio levels are off occasionally, shifting in tone. A few re-takes, errors, and oddly placed pauses were quite noticeable too. Nothing that would make me return the books, but disappointing.

Narration Sample

Overall, if you're a fan of humorous sci-fi then the Hard Luck Hank books are for you. I know they certainly are for me. Somewhat disappointing final production of audiobook quality, which I'm hoping gets better as the series goes on.


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Reviewed: 2021-06-25

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