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Klaus Encounters

The Legend of Klaus Richter

Klaus Encounters
Written by: Robert Bevan
Narrated by: Jonathan Sleep
Series: Authors and Dragons Origins #3
Genres: Dark Humor | Humorous
Published: 13th of July, 2018
Length: 2 Hours 53 Minutes


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Haunted with the ever-present memory of watching his parents get devoured by bears as a child, and now losing his adopted father and mentor, Klaus Richter embarks on a voyage of self-discovery and booze. He finds so much more - and so much less.


The Audiobook Review
Morgan Hobbes Morgan Hobbes


Average Score: 

Reviewed: 2020-07-07

Kind of disappointed

Let me preface this with I'm a big fan of Robert Bevan books, but this one was underwhelming... especially given the first two outings in the series by podcast co-stars Steve Wetherell and Rick Gualtieri.

In the Authors & Dragons podcast, Bevan plays Klaus Richter (the notorious r.o.g.) and he plays him well. The character in this book, aside from a sharing a fascination with his own junk, just doesn't match with his podcast characterisation.

Klaus as portrayed in this book is possibly the stupidest person alive. The fact he is still alive while being as dumb as rock is almost unbelievable. Klaus, and indeed most of the other characters, often make stupid decisions, but this really is next-level stupid.

The story rambles on, mainly trying to shove in as many disgusting scenes and dick jokes as humanly possible in under three hours. The only real redeeming part of the backstory is of how he became aware of his familiar - the weasel "Ron Weasly Jeremy".

Jonathan Sleep, the narrator, does a good job as always, however, I did feel a little let down by his vocal choice for Klaus. Though given the character he was portraying, I guess it kind of makes sense, so I'm only knocking off one star for this.

Overall, the weakest so far of the A&D origin stories. I do look forward to more in this series, however additional books about Klaus...? I might need to think hard on before adding them to my library.



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