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The Case of the Damaged Detective

5-Minute Sherlock # 1

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The Case of the Damaged Detective
Written by: Drew Hayes
Narrated by: Scott Aiello
Series: 5-Minute Sherlock #1
Genres: Amateur Sleuth | Humor | Mystery
Published: 13th of December, 2019
Length: 7 Hours 49 Minutes


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A mystery/road trip/buddy comedy/action adventure from the author of Second Hand Curses.

A dance club full of bodies. Cause of death - a mystery. The lone survivor - a man, raving like a lunatic, wearing only a deerstalker hat.

Now, the man who calls himself Sherman Holmes is being studied like a lab rat by a top-secret government agency. How is it he can be barely clinging to reality one minute - yet be a seeming genius the next? Within his brain might just be the greatest scientific breakthrough of the millennium, if anyone can figure out how to access it.

Enter the agent code named Watson.

Once a rising star, a deadly betrayal sent him spiraling into uncertainty and paranoia. Now saddled with moving Sherman to a more-secure facility, he must prove he’s still up to the task. With enemies on their heels, a whole country to cross, and Sherman ranting in his ear, the job proves to be more of a challenge than Watson ever anticipated.

With Watson’s experience and the bizarre insights of his own twisted mind, Sherman just might survive. But can Watson survive Sherman?



Loads of Sherlock Inspired Fun

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewThe Case of the Damaged Detective, written by Drew Hayes, is a fun new take on homages to Sherlock Holmes. There have been plenty in the past, and no doubt more in the future. This one sees a man, Sherman Holmes, who believes himself to be a descendent of the fictional detective.

He has no memory of who he used to be, but he's damn sure he's now the worlds greatest detective. The only survivor after exposure to an unknown chemical, Holmes' claim isn't without merit. Well... for five minutes per day at least. Other times, he's a lovable madman screaming his way through life like Daffy Duck on acid.

Agent 221... er, Joel Watson that is, is assigned as his bodyguard while Sherman is transported across the country. What starts out as an act of redemption for Watson, soon grows into something much more.

Both Holmes and Watson have the familiar traits you're looking for from these characters, with subtle twists and subversions to make them unique in their own right. The villains (Tom and Jenny) plus a host of others on their tails makes for an interesting story filled with plenty of humour and twists to keep it all moving forward at an easy clip.

Hayes has delivered a completely enjoyable addition to the wider world of Sherlockian fiction. Filled with loads of action, plot twists, humour and loads of heart, this is a series I'll be enjoying more of. I've already picked up the second book in the series!

Narration by Scott Aiello was fantastic, his voice of Sherman reminding me a lot of his voicework in Second Hand Curses. He's got a voice that's easy to listen to, and of course, being produced for Audible the quality was absolutely top-notch.

Narration Sample

TL;DR - Fun new Holmes and Watson adventures to get into! I'll be investigating more of these for sure.


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Reviewed: 2021-06-08

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