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Roswell Boneyard

Roswell Boneyard
Written by: Joe Greer
Narrated by: Erin Chmela
Series: Portals of Yahweh #1
Genres: First Contact | Military
Published: 10th of May, 2021
Length: 5 Hours 58 Minutes



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The first book in the exciting Portals of Yahweh series. A gritty sci-fi story of action, adventure, and poly romances. Not a book for prudish old women! Real-world, modern characters courageously drive the story farther and farther into the black void.

The Eversole brothers develop a technology that will change the course of human history. But like all disrupting technologies, the weight of nations and greedy corporations that are eager to maintain their hegemony must be overcome. China is the most dangerous since they have decided it is their destiny to rule the world. They are the new Nazis.

There are still people of honor in the world’s militaries who understand all too well the corruption of the power elite. They throw their lot in with the Eversole crew to make something better. Finding evidence of previous spacefaring peoples in our solar system is an ominous sign. The crew knows it is only a matter of time before there is a collision of civilizations and redouble their effort to promote Earth unity.

Marco and Ariel who fought the Chinese in the South China Sea, now build a nascent military force for the coming storm. These will be starship troopers in the truest sense. The airplane carcasses of the Roswell boneyard give the Eversole crew the hardware needed to build a business empire in the Sol system. Babs, a sensuous nerd with a hard past, writes the code to make everything possible. She is mother of the artificial intelligence Al, wife to no man and lover to all.


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