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Diary of a White Collar Criminal

Diary of a White Collar Criminal
Written by: Jerome Mayne
Narrated by: Jerome Mayne
Genres: True Crime | Memoirs
Published: 26th of January, 2022
Length: 4 Hours 45 Minutes



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In his intimate diary, Jerome Mayne personally shares his life-saving lessons of ethics, morality, trust, and humility, with wit and passion. He was an aspiring finance professional on his way to the top. With his new family and his sights set for success, the world was his oyster. Lured by the prospect of big business, his career derailed when he joined forces with his future co-conspirators in a real estate finance scandal.

The nightmare begins with a hurricane of FBI investigations, criminal court, and prison. His journey twists and turns through the psychological collapse of prison, cancer, and addiction. Through it all, one woman's undying devotion helps him climb back from the hollow existence of defeat and self-pity, to a new life of integrity, trust, and self confidence.


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