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Sex, Lies and the Bomb

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Sex, Lies and the Bomb
Written by: Anthony Vincent Bruno
Narrated by: Hedge T. Haiden
Genres: Humor | Dark Humor
Published: 4th of August, 2020
Length: 7 Hours 1 Minutes


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The end of the world, but not so you'd know it.

Typical tales of an apocalypse usually concentrate on the horrific destruction of an unthinkable event and its resulting macabre landscape. What if you were thrown together with a bunch of strangers on a remote Pacific island after the balloon goes up? We mourn family deaths and tragedies but what if it was the entire planet who were suddenly stricken? A luxury cruise liner is hit by a giant tsunami wave after a global nuclear exchange lays the earth waste.

Fourteen people are marooned on a beautiful tropical island and, they do not see eye to eye. The last inhabitants of a lost world, two sailors and 12 beautiful women discover a demi-paradise of surreal surprises. Repopulating the earth proves tricky as politics, religion and egos clash in an orgy of booze, sex and murder. Survivors do not cast a second thought to their previous lives and loved ones. Water is more of an issue.

Worrying about relatives and calling the emergency services is not an option. The hunt for food dominates every waking moment. Would we wallow in grief or look to live on and build a new world?


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