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Written by: Kate Tighe-Pigott
Narrated by: Emily Bauer
Genres: Short Stories | Humor
Published: 19th of November, 2020
Length: 0 Hours 50 Minutes


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Audible UK

With her husband stranded in a war-torn country halfway around the world, a university professor – on whom the burden of managing their small family has suddenly fallen – tries to maintain order at home. Her young daughter seems not to mind, or even really notice, the father’s absence. But as the weeks go on, mounting pressure on the narrator to balance family and work begins to take a toll.

So, when an enterprising and overeager graduate student, known only as “Schpleeven”, begs to “hack” her situation, the narrator gives in and Schpleevan connects her husband’s video calls to a plastic bunny toy.

Darkly funny and eerily prescient, Bunn-O examines technology’s unbelievable ability to connect us, as well as its extraordinary power to tear us apart.


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