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Written by: Charlie Josephine
Narrated by: Sophie Melville, Erin Doherty, Nima Taleghani
Genres: Drama & Plays | LGBTQ+
Published: 22nd of October, 2020
Length: 1 Hours 25 Minutes


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Emily’s life changes after a terrible car accident when a magnetic stranger, Jax, steps in to take her hand. Their serendipitous union empowers Emily to finally feel comfortable in her own skin, but when the couple’s relationship veers off course, Emily is drawn into a web of obsession and lies. Written by British playwright and actor Charlie Josephine and pulsing with urgency and intensity, Massive is an innovative exploration of one woman’s struggle to find herself without losing control.

This audio play features immersive audio techniques; to maximize the listening experience, headphones are recommended (but not required!).


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