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Carl's Doomsday Scenario

Carl's Doomsday Scenario
Written by: Matt Dinniman
Narrated by: Jeff Hays
Series: Dungeon Crawler Carl #2
Genres: LitRPG | Humorous | Dungeon
Published: 22nd of April, 2021
Length: 11 Hours 28 Minutes


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"The training levels have concluded. Now the games may truly begin."

The ratings and views are off the chart. The fans just can't get enough. The dungeon gets more dangerous each day. But in a grinder designed to chew up and spit out crawlers by the millions, Carl and Princess Donut need to work harder than ever just to survive.

They call it the Over City. A sprawling, once-thriving metropolis devastated by a mysterious calamity. But these streets are far from abandoned. An undead circus trawls the ruins. Murdered prostitutes rain from the sky. An ancient spell is finally ready to reveal its dark purpose.

Carl still has no pants.

They call it Dungeon Crawler World. For Carl and Donut, it's anything but a game.


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