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Bad People

Bad People
Written by: Max Morpheus
Narrated by: Nathan E. Bradshaw
Genres: Crime | Thriller & Suspense
Published: 27th of January, 2021
Length: 10 Hours 1 Minutes


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It's a musical thriller with 32 included original songs. It's noir-road-pulp-romance-crime-supernatural, and introduces "Skulk Rock" to the world.

In remote Montana. Did Lucy Smith's husband deserve to die? She thought so; she killed him. Now she's on the run from his family - The Snakes. They are meanest band you will ever see - purveying "Snake Rock", gratuitous violence and drugs. Lucy makes it to San Francisco, but can her new friends, her new songs, or Skulk Rock save her? Can Jimmy "English" Smith (no relation) help her? Do they have Guardian Angels? Hell's Angels maybe? Pray for Lucy. Pray for James. Pray for San Francisco. Just pray; The Snakes are coming!

Follow Lucy's white knuckle drive from Montana to San Francisco and the battle between good and evil everywhere and within everyone. Will you serve the Devil or the Lord? How does everything end? Will Lucy survive? Will Skulk Rock survive?

For listeners who enjoy noir thrillers and original indie/Americana songs, where true love battles true evil.

What other novel gives you 32 original songs in the price?


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