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The Audiobook Review Blog

Backup Your Audiobooks

By: Morgan Hobbes | 6th of March, 2021
Recently I had a bit of a catastrophe with my PC. Thanks to a hard drive failure, I had to spend a weekend reinstalling everything I'd lost. Trying to remember what programs I had. It took ages to get everything exactly right. Fortunately, any critical files (and honestly, heaps of unimportant ones too) get automatically backed up to a cloud drive, so I didn't lose anything but my time. But... Read More

Changes to Make Things Easier

By: Morgan Hobbes | 27th of February, 2021
Over the last week or so I've been busy. Re-writing code and generally cleaning things up around here. One of the things I've done it make it easier for everyone to review audiobooks and claim codes. At the bottom of each book page, you can now enter reviews directly using our comments area. This means you don't need an account to leave a review - although we recommend signing up.... Read More

Audiobooks - Experiencing Stories Naturally

By: Morgan Hobbes | 27th of November, 2020
Around 100,000 years ago, humans evolved the capacity for language. Our brains are hard-wired to process the spoken word. No experience necessary. Barring any impairments, you will absorb and comprehend what others say. You likely would have begun picking up the basics before your first birthday, and since then, you've gone on to teach yourself how to recognize the different tones, inflections, and sounds that make up words. Reading the written... Read More

5 Great Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

By: Guest Author - Kelterss | 16th of November, 2020
There are many people who are hardcore lovers of audiobooks. Others are strict "book only" readers -- many split between print and digital books, too. While the importance of reading has been discussed by countless experts, there's not as much on audiobooks. What are the benefits of reading audiobooks as opposed to traditional books? We've all had that embarrassing moment where we realize we've been saying that one word wrong... Read More

No Time to Read? Try Audiobooks

By: Morgan Hobbes | 9th of October, 2020
Trying to find time these days to sit down with a book can be challenging. With life commitments always cropping up, it's hard to find the time. I know I certainly did before I discovered what audiobooks could do for me and my love of reading. I'd never rushed to get on the audiobook bandwagon. My reasons were kind of vague and nit-picky if I'm being honest. I didn't own... Read More

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