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Interview with Jill London - Author of Evertrue: An Underworld Fairytale

By: Morgan Hobbes | 21st of July, 2021
Today I'm talking with author Jill London about her Middle-grade Fantasy Fairy-tale book - Evertrue. We get a glimpse behind the inspiration of the book, which my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to (check out the review!). Narrated by the talented Emma Stansfield, if you're a fan of Roald Dahl and J. K. Rowling's The Ickabog will find themselves enjoying the heck out of this one. Read More

Interview with Terra Snover - Author of the Another Online Series

By: Morgan Hobbes | 31st of May, 2021
In this post, I'm talking with author Terra Snover about her LitRPG series "Another Online". I recently reviewed the first book, All Hail the Queen, where the NPCs of the world are sick of their pre-programmed existence and want a change. The second book in the series, Clockwork, dropped for Kindle on May 7th, so I'm guessing it'll still be a few months before I can get it as an audiobook. To help hold me over in the meantime, I thought it'd be a great idea to talk with Terra about book one and her plans for the future. Read More

Interview with Jacob Israel Grey - Author of the Dark & Day Series

By: Morgan Hobbes | 26th of April, 2021
Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob Israel Grey, author of the Dark & Day series of fantasy novels. On Amazon, his Dark & Dary books appear in various kids and teens categories, but they're not at all limited to this demographic. I can honestly say they can be enjoyed by people of any age - I know I certainly did. If you're a fan of magic and mecha, and have always wanted a world where they co-existed, then you certainly must check out this series. Read More

Review of SoundPEATS Truefree+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

By: Morgan Hobbes | 13th of March, 2021
I found myself in need of a second pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and as much as I like my existing buds, I thought I should also look around to what else is available. After looking at my options and instantly ruling out expensive pairs (I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for headphones), I stumbled upon SoundPEATS Truefree+, which looked to fit what I wanted. Great price. Right shape - I like the soft in-ear types over the hard plastic types. Long battery life. Read More

Backup Your Audiobooks

By: Morgan Hobbes | 6th of March, 2021
Recently I had a bit of a catastrophe with my PC. Thanks to a hard drive failure, I had to spend a weekend reinstalling everything I'd lost. Trying to remember what programs I had. It took ages to get everything exactly right. Fortunately, any critical files (and honestly, heaps of unimportant ones too) get automatically backed up to a cloud drive, so I didn't lose anything but my time. Read More

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