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The Audiobook Review Blog

Busy Beavers

By: Morgan Hobbes | 11th of December, 2021
I've been making a few changes around here at The Audiobook Review. The process of submitting books for review has changed. You no longer need to email the book details and codes. Instead, you can now add your audiobook directly to our site. Add all the relevant information and giveaway codes using the form. We'll send you a link to manage your book listing once we've checked it, so you can add or remove codes as needed. Read More

Audiobook Proofing Service

By: Morgan Hobbes | 6th of November, 2021
What is Audiobook Proofing? Quite simply, it's elevating the quality of your audiobook from good to great. Even the most seasoned professional narrators will have errors slip through, and that's why it's vital to have another set of ears listen to the book before you release it into the market. Audiobook proof listeners come in when the book is fully edited and ready for its final check for mistakes. With so much competition out there, you can't afford the consequences of not making sure your audiobook is as polished as it can be before releasing it to the world. Read More

Interview with Narrator Graham Mack

By: Morgan Hobbes | 18th of October, 2021
It's safe to say that Graham Mack knows a thing or two about being heard. With over 25 years working in broadcasting, he's a familiar voice you may have listened to any time of the day during breakfast, day, or drive-time. When he's not chatting with celebrities on the radio or his podcast, he's narrating audiobooks of any subject under the sun. With a smooth voice honed over a quarter-century on air, you know you're in good hands if he's got your book. Read on to find out what makes Graham Mack tick in this interview with The Audiobook Review. Read More

Audiobooks Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

By: Morgan Hobbes | 4th of October, 2021
Okay, so "fun" might be a bit of a stretch. How about "less of a chore" instead? Either way, here in the Southern Hemisphere, it's springtime. That means the start of warmer weather and longer days, and for me apparently, a time to reflect on just how full of useless junk my house is. After taking a few days off from my day job (yes, it is most unfortunate, but being an audiobook reviewer does not yet pay the bills), we here at the Hobbes household rolled up our sleeves and got to chucking, dusting, and scrubbing. Read More

Interview with Danielle Palli - Author of The Data Collectors series

By: Morgan Hobbes | 27th of September, 2021
In this blog entry, I'm talking with Danielle Palli, author of the Data Collectors series of sci-fi / magical realism book. The books are filled with a cast of characters you can't help but love, as they feel so warm and genuine it'll have you wishing you could meet them in real life. Read on to find out what inspired the series (it comes with cat pictures!) Read More

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