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Statistics Added to Promo Code Pages

By: The Audiobook Review | 28th of January, 2023
One of the things we do here at The Audiobook Review is giveaway promo codes for audiobooks. I'll admit it; this has been lacking some functionality that would help our generous authors, narrators, and publishers get an idea of how interested people are in their books. To fix that, I've started work on adding some statistics to the code administration pages. If you've added a book in the past, the link to the statistics will be visible on the page where you add your codes. Read More

Jabra Elite 4 Active Review

By: The Audiobook Review | 5th of January, 2023
Santa got me a pair of Jabra Elite 4 Active for Christmas! As much as I liked my old pair of earbuds, it was time to update them. I had heard good things about Jabra from people I trust, so I thought I'd check them out. They were a touch more expensive than I'd planned, but thanks to Christmas sales, they'd had $40 knocked off, so that made it a bit more in my price range. One thing I've always found with earbuds is getting them to stay in. I figured the Elite 4 Actives might stand a better chance of staying in, given that they're designed for people exercising and the like, and sure enough, these things have stayed in place every time I've used them. Read More

Evidence 111 - Interactive Audiobook

By: The Audiobook Review | 15th of November, 2022
I had a small surprise waiting in my inbox the other day. I was invited to get a pre-launch look at what was described as an "interactive audiobook" app. This got my attention as I'd never heard of such a thing, so I signed up and downloaded Evidence 111. Read More

Bad Guys Series by Eric Ugland

By: The Audiobook Review | 23rd of October, 2022
I went on a bit of an audiobook-buying bender where I dropped credit after credit on all the books in Eric Ugland's "Bad Guys" series. Why? Because after the first book, I had to listen to the rest - no question. Since I listened to them one after another, and to prevent some major repetition on the front page of this site, I thought I'd review the whole series as a blog entry instead. Read More

Audiobooks Killed the TV Stars

By: The Audiobook Review | 21st of August, 2022
If you'll excuse me for misquoting The Buggles, but in this post, I'm looking back on changes that have happened in my life without me even noticing. I'm talking about TV habits, particularly how very little television I now intentionally watch per day. By "intentionally", I mean sit down and choose to watch, not see it tangentially from someone else watching it. You see, since getting into audiobooks, my television watching has dropped very near to zero. Read More

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