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Interview with Jill London - Author of Evertrue: An Underworld Fairytale

By: Morgan Hobbes | 21st of July, 2021
Today I'm talking with author Jill London about her Middle-grade Fantasy Fairy-tale book - Evertrue. We get a glimpse behind the inspiration of the book, which my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to (check out the review!). Narrated by the talented Emma Stansfield, if you're a fan of Roald Dahl and J. K. Rowling's The Ickabog will find themselves enjoying the heck... Read More

Audiobook Proofing Service

By: Morgan Hobbes | 13th of June, 2021
You've written your book, edited it, had it proofread, and fixed all the mistakes. Now you've handed it over to a narrator, and those checks become essential again because even the most seasoned professionals will have errors slip through. That's where audiobook proofing comes in. As an avid audiobook listener and reviewer, I know how important quality is, and trust me when I say it does not go unnoticed. Some... Read More

Interview with Terra Snover - Author of the Another Online Series

By: Morgan Hobbes | 31st of May, 2021
In this post, I'm talking with author Terra Snover about her LitRPG series "Another Online". I recently reviewed the first book, All Hail the Queen, where the NPCs of the world are sick of their pre‑programmed existence and want a change. The second book in the... Read More

Interview with Jacob Israel Grey - Author of the Dark & Day Series

By: Morgan Hobbes | 26th of April, 2021
Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Jacob Israel Grey, author of the Dark & Day series of fantasy novels. On Amazon, his Dark & Dary books appear in various kids and teens categories, but they're not at all limited to this demographic. I can honestly say they can be enjoyed by people of any age - I know I certainly did. If you're a fan of magic and mecha, and have... Read More

Review of SoundPEATS Truefree+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

By: Morgan Hobbes | 13th of March, 2021
I found myself in need of a second pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and as much as I like my existing buds (read the review here), I thought I should also look around to what else is available. After looking at my options and instantly ruling out expensive pairs (I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for headphones),... Read More

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