Now Even Easier!

Now Even Easier!

By: The Audiobook Review | 18th of February, 2022

Regular visitors may have noticed a few changes around here of late. In December, I streamlined the submission process for listing your book to give away codes. That was just the first step in many changes I've been thinking about. Today, I'm happy to announce I've now delivered the next set of changes.

No Account Necessary!

I've removed all the pain-in-the-backside requirements of signing up for an account in order to claim a free audiobook code. That's right. No more email verification or whatever. Just find the book you want, and a couple of clicks later, you'll have your code.

Why the Change?

Simple, really. After checking the traffic patterns on this site, it became clear the need to signup was a drop-off point for some potential users. So I've removed the pain point altogether. It was an easy choice to make since it wasn't doing much anyway. I'd never built out much of the user side of this site. So it's my hope this simple change will get even more people claiming the free Audible codes.

The Next Step is Yours!

Ready to get your next audiobook with less hassle? Great! Go check out our ever-growing list for something that'll hit the spot.


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