Jabra Elite 4 Active Review

Jabra Elite 4 Active Review

By: The Audiobook Review | 5th of January, 2023

Santa got me a pair of Jabra Elite 4 Active for Christmas! As much as I liked my old pair of earbuds, it was time to update them. I had heard good things about Jabra from people I trust, so I thought I'd check them out. They were a touch more expensive than I'd planned, but thanks to Christmas sales, they'd had $40 knocked off, so that made it a bit more in my price range.

One thing I've always found with earbuds is getting them to stay in. Sure, most tend to fit well when you're not doing much, but often I would find myself pushing them back in as they slowly slipped out of place.

I figured the Elite 4 Actives might stand a better chance of staying in, given that they're designed for people exercising and the like, and sure enough, these things have stayed in place every time I've used them. These fit incredibly well into my ears; a little too well sometimes that my fat fingers sometimes have a hard time grabbing them to get them out! Super comfortable, if I had to sum them up in a couple of words.

Jabra App

The Pros

Massive Charge Time - I've yet to run these out of juice, even after multi-hour sessions of audiobooks. The box says up to 7 hours of charge, and I believe it. Using the app, I've kept an eye on their charge, and even after four hours, they had plenty left.

Active Noise Cancellation - Something I never knew I needed until I had it; now, I doubt I'd ever live without it again. Blocking out heaps of ambient sounds like air conditioners and noisy children, I can be completely immersed in what I'm listening to with fewer distractions.

Excellent Sound - I haven't listened to music for any length of time with these yet, but for audiobooks, they're kicking goals. The app has a handful of presets, which I've defaulted to "Speech" since that's 99.99% of what I use earbuds for. The sound quality has been fantastic, with decent bass to give that richness I like.

Waterproof - Okay, so I don't plan on getting them wet, but I'd rather have it than not. Plus, it makes them sweatproof, so no dramas when exercising.

The Cons

I've actually got nothing bad to say about these. Apart from what I mentioned above, I can sometimes find them a little tricky to remove because they fit deep into my ears. Something I'll live with, though, if it means they don't fall out.

Some of the other features I've yet to use, such as Spotify Tap and built-in Alexa commands. I'm actually not sure if I'd ever bother with these.

Final Thoughts

One big thing I've noticed with these is the Bluetooth connection works much better than others I've had. It connects to my iPhone quickly, and I've experienced much fewer problems with interference. With my previous earbuds, using the microwave would make them drop out and randomly activate options. No such problems with these, so that's a massive bonus.

When the time comes to retire these, I reckon I'll be going with Jabra again. Very impressed.

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