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Changes to Make Things Easier

Changes to Make Things Easier

By: Morgan Hobbes | 27th of February, 2021

Over the last week or so I've been busy. Re-writing code and generally cleaning things up around here. One of the things I've done it make it easier for everyone to review audiobooks and claim codes.

At the bottom of each book page, you can now enter reviews directly using our comments area. This means you don't need an account to leave a review - although we recommend signing up.

Why? Because another thing that's been added is a competition component. Registered users are automatically entered into each competition. You can earn entries just by signing in and reading our blog! How easy is that?

We've also simplified the code claims process. Again, you will need an account to claim. This is help make sure the codes go to genuinely interested people, as well as keeping your code safe. You'll get a copy of the code to your messages tab for safekeeping.

The main change you will see with the reviews is that the pages will now be split into two areas. The first reviews on the page will be by The Audiobook Review staff (which, right now, is me but hopefully this can expand in the future). Reviews submitted by guests in the comments section will appear underneath the staff reviews.

While we will publish all reviews that don't violate our "don't be a jerk" philosophy, we can't guarantee that the same level of rigour will go into them, which is why we have the distinction.

Don't forget to check out the ever-growing list of free Audible codes so you can pick up a book to review for nothing! I've received some lately that I can't wait to get to. Make sure you snag one for yourself while you can.

That's all for this blog. Short and sweet!

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash


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