Busy Beavers

Busy Beavers

By: The Audiobook Review | 11th of December, 2021

I've been making a few changes around here at The Audiobook Review. The process of submitting books for review has changed. You no longer need to email the book details and codes. Instead, you can now add your audiobook directly to our site. Add all the relevant information and giveaway codes using the form. We'll send you a link to manage your book listing once we've checked it, so you can add or remove codes as needed.

Why the change?

I've had to make this change as the number of books I get sent each week has increased so much it's taking more time than I have to add them all to this site. By adding the book via the form linked above, I'll see your book as it's added and will grab a code when I'm ready to review it.

If I review your book, it will then appear (as normal) on our homepage and throughout other areas of the site.

Want to add your book?

It's super easy! Click here to get started!


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