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Audible Plus - A Game Changer

Audible Plus - A Game Changer

By: Morgan Hobbes | 26th of August, 2020

Now THIS is huge. I opened my Audible app this morning to see the notification my plan was now Audible Premium Plus - which means I retain all the benefits of my existing account with the ADDED benefits of 11,000 additional titles (more added each week) I can now access free of charge on top! So not just my monthly credit plus the monthly free Audible originals, this includes audiobooks from anywhere.

This, naturally is keeping me very busy while I look through what's now available to me... which leads to one outcome.

Spoiled For Choice!

The problem I have now is finding enough time to listen to everything! Starting with a search of my wish list is a good place to start, and already I've queued up a few to listen to next. Next, it's time to dive into the extensive Audible catalogue and see what else I can grab.

How You Get It

If you're already a subscriber, you get it automatically. If you're not (and you don't want a credit to buy an audiobook each month), you can subscribe to just Audible Plus for an agreeable $7.95 a month. This means you can't outright buy a book, but you can download anything available through plus.

The FAQ at the bottom of their page states that the Audible Plus catalogue can change or rotate from time to time. This statement...

"If, for any reason, a title you have selected needs to be removed from the Audible Plus Catalog, you will be notified in the app."

...seems to imply that books aren't expected to drop off the list, but they may do occasionally.

So Why Subscribe to Other Plans?

Good question! If the assumption is not all titles make it to Audible Plus, then you will need to occasionally buy (or spend a credit on) books you want. The other reason, if the above comes true (a title is removed from Plus), then the only way to get it again would be using a credit or buying it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours... but as far as audiobook options go, this is massive. I'll be taking advantage of this as much as possible! I was only thinking over the weekend that I wished there was something like "Kindle Unlimited" (KU) for audiobooks, and here we are!

Hopefully this will do for audiobooks what KU, Netflix, and all the others did for piracy - namely if the product is available as part of a reasonably priced monthly subscription, there's no need to pirate a copy. This means more money back to the content creators. Sure, there will still be people who refuse to pay at any price, but there are plenty more people who will go legit when given the chance at a fair price.

See Everything!

Want to see all the audiobooks available? I've done the hard work for you! Follow this link to see all audiobook titles available for Audible Plus!


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