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Review of SoundPEATS Truefree+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Review of SoundPEATS Truefree+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

By: The Audiobook Review | 13th of March, 2021

I found myself in need of a second pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and as much as I like my existing buds (read the review here), I thought I should also look around to what else is available. After looking at my options and instantly ruling out expensive pairs (I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for headphones), I stumbled upon SoundPEATS Truefree+, which looked to fit what I wanted.

Great price. Right shape - I like the soft in-ear types over the hard plastic types. Long battery life.

The Pros

The first thing I noticed was these fit exceptionally well in my ears. Unlike my existing earbuds, these don't feel like they move around nearly as much. After wearing them for different activities, I still have no complaints about their fit. Listening while eating often led to my other earbuds falling out, whereas these stayed in place.

The sound quality is excellent, with no noticeable issues. A good depth and range of sounds for both music and audiobooks, though for my purposes, they are almost exclusively for listening to audiobooks.

Long battery life is something I also look for. These can be recharged with the beefy charging case (according to the specs) 9 to 10 times before the case needs charging. The earbuds themselves have a life of 3.5 to 4 hours, which suits my listening habits well.

Depending on your preference, the lack of touch-sensitive earbuds could be a pro or a con. For me, I find I'm forever accidentally brushing the touch area on my other set, causing them to pause, skip, or make the occasional phone call. With these, I need to actually press the earbuds like a button before anything happens. No more accidental late-night phone calls for me!

The Cons

The charging case feels relatively cheap to the touch. The lid, in particular. The body is not as bad. A little more effort could have been put into the lid to make this much more appealing.

Inside the case, the earbuds are surprisingly difficult to remove. They're very smooth and sit quite low in the charging case, so getting a good grip on them to pluck them out is difficult. I resorted to sliding my finger into the gap where the end of the earbuds sits and pushing them sideways to pop them out. Not a dealbreaker, but annoying.

There's no audio control from the earbuds. My other buds let me change the volume by tapping them. These don't have such an option. Again, not a dealbreaker as I tend to have my phone near me, but a little annoying.

Missing Ear Tips!

No additional eartips! The description clearly stated there were additional sizes of the little rubber bits you put on the end of the earbuds, but apart from the ones pre-installed, there were no others. I found this highly annoying, but fortunately, the ones that came on the earbuds fit me, so I don't need them... but how this got through quality control has me wondering.

They're even featured in the promotional images (as shown) so somehow mine got shipped without them.

The case charges with a Micro-USB charger. While not a massive issue, it's just another cable I need to have lying about. The almost now universal USB-C type charger would have been better.

Wrap Up

Overall, I am happy with my new SoundPEATS Truefree+ Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. For their price, they provide me with everything I wanted, and they fit me so much better than my other pair. A few minor niggles, but again these were at the cheaper end of the market, so I guess I can't expect them to have everything.

You can find them, of course, at Amazon.


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