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Here you can find every book with at least one Audible code available to claim. To claim a code, simply click the US or UK flag that matches your Audible subscription (Audible.com or Audible.co.uk) and you are on your way!

Are you an author or narrator with codes you want to give out to our listeners? Add your book here and start giving away copies.

Right now we have 589 codes for 44 different audiobooks available.

Christmas Chaos

Redhead Dead 

Fallout: The First Nick Sullivan Thriller 

The Break Point 

Aliens From Space 

Ethan: Cyborg of Honor (Knights of the future) 

100 Points 

50 States

Airy Nothing 

Seeking Hope

Light Fracture 

Servant of the Lesser Good 


Samurai:  The Three Sons 

Samurai Tales: Legend of the Great Black Bear 

How to Control Your Alcohol Consumption 

Light at The End

The Storm Beyond the Tides

Bound to End Badly 

Between the Layers

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