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Here you can find every book with at least one Audible code available to claim. To claim a code, you must have an account. Why? Claimed codes are added to your messages tab so you don't lose it! An account also gives you automatic entry into competitions when we're running them.

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By: AJ Anthony

Series: Life Behind Bars #1
Genres: Humor
Blurb: Enter BG's nightclub, where poison is served and profit is made. You'll find your best friend, party your ass off, and fall in lust...but it may cost you your soul and make you vulnerable to the ultimate betrayal. This isn't your daddy's sappy cocktail story! Barsoap: Life Behind Bars Vol.1 is a fast-paced erotic dramedy featuring Sean Collins, an accountant-turned-bartender. Shortly after his mother's tragic death, he receives a letter from h... (More)


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