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Audiobook Codes

Here you can find every book with at least one Audible code available to claim. To claim a code, you must have an account. Why? Claimed codes are added to your messages tab so you don't lose it! An account also gives you automatic entry into competitions when we're running them.

Are you an author or narrator with codes you want to give out to our listeners? Contact Us Now! to add your book and start giving away copies.

Mabel the Detective Pig
By: Dr. Craig Moon Hannaway

Genres: Children
Blurb: No one knows how certain pigs became so clever. But this very special one, Mabel the detective pig, has had a long lifetime of solving crime, and wants to be left alone to wallow in the mud. But when an anonymous tip-off says that Lady Farquar-Parker's jewels are going to be stolen in the middle of her own birthday party, Mabel is intrigued enough to go along, with her trusted sidekick Sergeant Perkins. Little does she suspect until she gets ... (More)


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