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Here you can find every book with at least one Audible code available to claim. To claim a code, you must have an account. Why? Claimed codes are added to your messages tab so you don't lose it! An account also gives you automatic entry into competitions when we're running them.

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For Her Bones: Dark Tales
By: Alec Reid

Genres: Paranormal | Thriller & Suspense
Blurb: Alec Reid’s ghosts of the 21st century seldom lurk in old houses or waft across chilly moors. His dark tales may breathe alongside the supernatural, but they take place in broad daylight, in our daily lives. Their themes include dead warriors resurrected via Bluetooth, Rumpelstiltskin in the suburbs, an algorithmic fear of ghosts, and the shattered dreams of immortality. The world they describe is the one you inhabit, but you would live in terr... (More)


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