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5 Thought Experiments to Change Your Perspective : Short Witty Stories to Open Your Mind
By: J.H. Pii

Genres: Other Non-Fiction
Blurb: Learn how you can benefit from philosophy without boring your brains out and struggling to understand obtuse and annoying sentences. This book is meant as a short, coffee-table-style book to bring you neat and entertaining stories to think about. While if you find a certain story and topic interesting, you will discover what we have found out so far as a people. You will hunt for apples in an unkempt garden and think about spirituality and ... (More)

A Beginners Guide to the Platform Business Model : The Business Model That Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook
By: J.H. Pii

Genres: Business Management
Blurb: If you want to generate passive revenue, multiple cash flows, control your industry’s innovation, know more about your customers and market trends, and steer your competition to your favor, then keep reading. With the platform business model you will experience significant organic growth; you will gain organic insights into your market, industry, and customers to directly aid you in your R&D and strategy development; you will through yo... (More)

Why You Are Addicted To Technology: And how to fix the ethical problem : And How to Fix the Ethical Problems That Make Us Suffer
By: J.H. Pii

Genres: Other Non-Fiction
Blurb: We have been talking about the symptoms for years, it is about time to talk about the disease. Just like you, I am not immune to Big Business Technologies. There are sophisticated, algorithmic means of why you and I are addicted. The problem is not in the degrading of us into political factions, or how we seem to waste more and more of our time online. They are problems, sure, but they are symptoms from the deeper disease. This book puts the ... (More)

By: JB Trepagnier

Genres: Paranormal | Paranormal
Blurb: He fell in love with a demon. But Will is not entirely human himself. Will was a sheltered, home-schooled boy from Kansas when he finally follows his dream to be a photographer in New York. Success soon follows as he gets his dream job at a newspaper, but a relationship eludes him. Then he is sent on assignment with the most beautiful woman he's ever met. Will seems to intrigue Lily, and she soon admits she's in love with him. Wedded bliss ... (More)

The Art of Dying : A Ray Hanley Crime Thriller
By: Derik Cavignano

Genres: Crime
Blurb: 2019 American Fiction Awards winner (general horror) 2019 Best Book Awards winner (horror) 2019 American Fiction Awards finalist (crime thrillers) When the bizarre death of a mob foot soldier sparks an escalating war between Boston’s Irish and Italian mafia, detective Ray Hanley’s relentless search for the truth uncovers evidence of a serial killer obsessed with the art of human suffering. As the body count rises, Detective Hanley... (More)

Dark & Day 4: The Impossible Quest
By: Jacob Israel Grey

Series: Dark & Day #4
Genres: Young Adult | Fantasy
Blurb: As the cadets and squires graduate from the Windom military academy, the call to a Knight's Quest summons two of the students to embark on a journey to the city of oracles, Pythia. The world is changing, struggling to find hope in new leaders while ancient threats begin to stir and thrust the cadets' plans for the future in disarray. Loyalties are tested as cadets and squires traverse the far reaches of the Day, searching for meaning, to find the... (More)

Dark & Day 3: The Angels' Masquerade
By: Jacob Israel Grey

Series: Dark & Day #3
Genres: Young Adult | Fantasy
Blurb: A pox of time and space is ravaging both ends of the world. It is unpredictable and unstoppable, devouring everything it touches. As the Windom Academy welcomes squires from the Day into its ranks, cultures and beliefs clash over the true nature of the pox and how to stop it. Jono and his team begin to fracture as they struggle to save a world from an enemy they don't understand.

Dark & Day 2: The Withering Mark
By: Jacob Israel Grey

Series: Dark & Day #2
Genres: Fantasy | Young Adult
Blurb: Continue the thrilling adventure across a world of Dark & Day! Jono Wyer is training new powers at the Windom Academy as the world struggles to recover from disaster and build a new path toward peace! A secret terrorist organization known as the Tombs is plotting to unleash a long lost plague! Who knows who can be trusted when anyone could be a traitor in hiding? Jono and his friends will need to fight against the scars of old prejudice a... (More)

Dark & Day 1
By: Jacob Israel Grey

Series: Dark & Day #
Genres: Fantasy
Blurb: Hatred and fear between the machine-power people of the Dark and the magic-wielding people of the Day have kept at the edge of war for centuries. The delicate balance is about to be lost when a young, sickly boy discovers a secret that sets the forces of Dark and Day racing to secure a devastating power that could control the sun itself! Join Jono Wyer as he is thrust into the center of the prophecy, politics, and prejudice that threaten to tear ... (More)

Breach of Contract
By: Danielle Palli

Series: The Data Collectors #2
Genres: Genetic Engineering | Science Fiction
Blurb: To trust or not to trust, that is the question. Nothing is quite as it should be when Lucene Jones finally arrives on Erde. The Peace-Keepers are forced into an uneasy alliance with the Vitruvians when they discover that the nomadic Royals may have skipped out on a deal. Namely, they failed to deliver the one natural born empath, born of two genetically modified Data Collectors, to a restless demon named Jasper Set. To make matters worse,... (More)

The Legend of Jake Jackson, Book 7
By: William H. Joiner Jr

Series: The Legend of Jake Jackson #7
Genres: Western
Blurb: The seventh book in this best-selling Western series from William H. Joiner, Jr. Jake Jackson was a legend in the Old West. His ability with a gun was unmatched. His name brought hope to the oppressed and sent shivers of fear up the spines of outlaws. Jake Jackson was equally as revered among the Comanche where he was raised from an infant to become the Comanche warrior White Wolf. There were many songs sung around campfires in Comanche villa... (More)

Angel Jacobs: Deputy U.S. Marshal
By: William H. Joiner Jr

Series: Angel Jacobs #2
Genres: Western
Blurb: The second Western in a brand-new series from William H. Joiner, Jr. This is action, adventure and gunplay as only Joiner can write it! Ride with the author who gave you The Legend of Jake Jackson and Morgan Porter. You won’t regret it! When she was seven years old, Angel saw her father brutally murder her mother. She was adopted by U.S. Marshal Caleb Jacobs and his wife Bonnie. Angel didn’t want to be a schoolteacher like her new Ma. Angel ... (More)

Can't Stop the Sunrise
By: Vanessa Osage

Genres: Memoirs
Blurb: This is a memoir on social change and culture. Can't Stop the Sunrise is the inspiring story of one person speaking up over decades to reveal the truth so many have tried to silence. Highlights: Immersive storytelling Useful skills for rebalancing power A road map for personal and collective healing An examination of patriarchy and privilege A guide to transforming corruption Vanessa Osage introduces a warm, wise, fiery, and relatab... (More)

Caleb Jacobs: U.S. Marshal From Nowhere
By: William H. Joiner Jr

Series: Caleb Jacobs #1
Genres: Short Stories | Western
Blurb: A brand-new Western adventure from the author of The Legend of Jake Jackson. This is a rip-roaring new adventure that puts a United States marshal directly on the trail of evil. Caleb Jacobs made a vow the day his family was unmercifully slaughtered by a cutthroat gang of outlaws. He dedicated his life to protecting those who could not protect themselves. Caleb swore that he would bring justice to the frontier by the gun or by the noose. ... (More)

Self Investment 101 : How to Bank on Yourself to Become a Valuable Asset and Profit Generati
By: Johnathan Goldsoul

Genres: Self-Help
Blurb: Self-investment is the only guaranteed investment you will ever make. While the concept of self-investment may seem simple, years of indoctrinated thought patterns, and an inability to see your self-worth has left you feeling like you are performing at a quarter of your true potential. Now is the time to change that! Self Investment 101 delves deep into the human psyche, exploring the reasons people abandon success as they enter adulthood. Offeri... (More)

A Father's Heart
By: Ray Weaver

Genres: Parenting | Relationships
Blurb: A Father's Heart collects stories and songs by singer/songwriter Ray Weaver into a multimedia package that includes nine songs that relate to the stories of family, life, and love included in the collection. From heartfelt recollections of Christmases past to rollicking days of hunting wild refrigerators, A Father's Heart looks at parents, grandparents, wives, husbands and, of course, children with tenderness, humour, and above all, love.

The Adventure of Sleepy Bear: A Bedtime Story for Kids : A Comforting Story About Friendship and Overcoming Hurdles
By: Daphne A. Knight

Genres: Children
Blurb: Does your child have a treasured toy or blanket they need by their side to fall asleep? Well, meet Bennie the bear who is struggling to fall asleep after he loses his favorite stuffed animal, Georgie. He searches with all his might but cannot seem to find his beloved toy. This story follows Bennie the Bear as he visits his animal friends around Sleepy Hollow to ask for help. Will Hollie the hippo, Maxie the monkey, and Daisy the deer be able t... (More)

For Her Bones: Dark Tales
By: Alec Reid

Genres: Paranormal | Thriller & Suspense
Blurb: Alec Reid’s ghosts of the 21st century seldom lurk in old houses or waft across chilly moors. His dark tales may breathe alongside the supernatural, but they take place in broad daylight, in our daily lives. Their themes include dead warriors resurrected via Bluetooth, Rumpelstiltskin in the suburbs, an algorithmic fear of ghosts, and the shattered dreams of immortality. The world they describe is the one you inhabit, but you would live in terr... (More)

By: Joshua David

Series: Seed #1
Genres: Genre Fiction | Science Fiction
Blurb: Seed falls from the heavens and judges humanity. One foretells of the coming calamity, but the words are heeded too late. Few remain after the war against the cosmic demon. Long confined to one of the few outposts left on Earth, Sal accepts an unauthorized mission to find a survivor lost in the Vegas wastes. He believes his target is special, imbued with a spirit that might finally turn the tide against the darkness. But to save her from th... (More)

To Kill A Saint
By: Michael Swiger

Genres: Legal | Conspiracy
Blurb: A corpse on an altar. A witness who isn't talking. An ancient vow of secrecy. It's 2 a.m. when County Prosecutor Peter Saul arrives at the scene of a grisly murder at St. Andrew's Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Reverend Howard Jamison is covered with the victim's blood, and there's a Satanic Bible on his desk. Attorney Hunter St. James has spent his career fighting the shameful specter of his father's legacy. Now he's assigned a pro bono case he'... (More)

The Devil's Fever
By: K.B. Hargan

Genres: Historical | Horror
Blurb: In 1890s London a spate of brutal murders terrorise the city. A local detective and gentleman scientist come together to investigate the bloody crimes. But who is committing these acts? What is the link between them? And could there really be a child killer loose in London murdering with tooth and nail?

The Saint of Lake Topaz
By: Joe Corso

Series: The Starlight Club #11
Genres: Crime
Blurb: Taking a detour on his way back to Vegas, Bull, one of Big Red Fortunato’s righthand men, visits his old army buddy Sal Stark. Sal has bought a small casino in Lake Topaz, a small town off Route 66 in the Mojave desert. Upon arriving at the Lucky Lady, Bull is dismayed to discover that Sal has been severely beaten, apparently by local “businessmen” who want to claim the casino as their own. Further investigation reveals that the head of thi... (More)

The Ninth Precinct
By: A.E. Stanfill

Genres: Psychological | Crime
Blurb: Private detective Grant Dawson is looking for his first big money case. When the mayor of a small town calls him to help solve a murder, he doesn't think twice - especially since the money offered was right up his alley. But nothing would prepare him for the horrors he would face. His body and mind will be pushed to the limit, as the line between right and wrong blurs. Can Grant solve the case, or will he be driven mad by the killer's mind... (More)

Doboro the Bottlenecker
By: Kevin M. Kraft

Genres: Fiction
Blurb: The first two books in Kevin M. Kraft's cutting-edge faith based Doboro the Bottlenecker series (Doboro the Bottlenecker: Doboro Begins and Doboro the Bottlenecker: Louder than Words) together in one electrifying volume! After surviving a devastating assassination attempt, family man Dave Granger is spirited away to South Korea to undergo intense rehabilitation under the harsh tutelage of a martial arts master by the grace of a merciful God. ... (More)

The Adventures of Edward Brett, Volume One
By: Matthew Fraser

Genres: Urban
Blurb: Five thousand five-hundred years old. Forged in fire. He's a god you've forgotten, fighting the monsters that haven't forgotten you. The Adventures of Edward Brett: Volume One tells the thrilling tales of bad joke-loving god Edward Brett and his human best friend Wanda Smith as they travel Great Britain in a campervan, fighting monsters and solving supernatural mysteries. From defeating a sentient forest to doing battle with the devil, and... (More)

The Robot's Decision
By: David Gwyther

Genres: Space Opera | Short Stories | Science Fiction
Blurb: Far into the future, many of humankind’s everyday problems have been solved. We no longer suffer from overpopulation or a lack of natural resources. Our colonization of the solar system and our utilization of robotic workers has solved all that. And yet, embedded in the human psyche is a disorderly constant fact: emotion. The everyday rational decisions we make are so often askew with emotion and, as this tale unfolds, we come up against a ... (More)

Zero Kidney Stones : A Complete Beginners Manual on Having a Life Saving Diet
By: Pascal M. Holden

Genres: Wellbeing
Blurb: Two out of 100 suffer from kidney stone disease. Findings and researchers have acknowledged the fact that kidney stone rates are on the rise. If you suffer from kidney stones, you may need to follow an extraordinary and life-saving diet. To begin with, your doctor will carry out blood and urine tests to determine the level of danger you may have been put into as a result of kidney stone. At that point, your physician will recommend to you the ... (More)

By: AJ Anthony

Series: Life Behind Bars #1
Genres: Humor
Blurb: Enter BG's nightclub, where poison is served and profit is made. You'll find your best friend, party your ass off, and fall in lust...but it may cost you your soul and make you vulnerable to the ultimate betrayal. This isn't your daddy's sappy cocktail story! Barsoap: Life Behind Bars Vol.1 is a fast-paced erotic dramedy featuring Sean Collins, an accountant-turned-bartender. Shortly after his mother's tragic death, he receives a letter from h... (More)

Noble Chaos
By: Brent Green

Genres: Historical | Fiction
Blurb: With the Vietnam War erupting in the background, Noble Chaos presents an eye-opening immersion into the late 1960s from a college perspective, a journey through profoundly troubled times. Set at the University of Kansas, one of the nation's most radical colleges back then, this astonishing book knits together emotional and historical truth. The novel reveals the conflicts, concessions, and conundrums of a nation’s darkest hours. Ryan Ster... (More)

Dying Horribly at Harding Hall
By: Ram W. Tuli

Series: The Harding Hall Mysteries #1
Genres: Hard-Boiled | Private Detective | Mystery
Blurb: In Dying Horribly at Harding Hall, Book 1 of the Harding Hall Mystery Series, we meet a wealthy, aristocratic English family — generation after generation — of lecherous and greedy muttonheads. The story focuses on 11 mysterious deaths, with several extras along the way. There’s dry and sly humor from the start, but it’s only as the tapestry unfolds that we realize the truth — and the truth is becoming more and more crazed. As the farce... (More)

Outsider : A Forbidden Island Short Story
By: Lianne Simon

Genres: Fantasy | Short Stories
Blurb: In the closing hours of World War II, an experimental weapon meant for London struck Eilean nan Sìthean, a remote Scottish island. Within 48 hours, all of the men there died. Six months later, the few women who survived gave birth to the children of the plague - the Fair Folk of Scottish mythology, reborn. Nearly 70 years later, a young gold named Màiri discovers an outsider washed ashore - the first human she’s ever seen. Saving his life wou... (More)

The Data Collectors
By: Danielle Palli

Series: The Data Collectors #1
Genres: Genetic Engineering | Science Fiction
Blurb: Much like we observe and collect data about our environment, wildlife, and endangered species, the Data Collectors were sent here to collect and report back information about us. At one time, humans lived on many planets, in many solar systems; but now we are endangered and currently live on a single planet...Earth. The Data Collectors are trying to determine what is causing our near extinction to save humans as a species. Meanwhile, special inte... (More)

Mabel the Detective Pig
By: Dr. Craig Moon Hannaway

Genres: Children
Blurb: No one knows how certain pigs became so clever. But this very special one, Mabel the detective pig, has had a long lifetime of solving crime, and wants to be left alone to wallow in the mud. But when an anonymous tip-off says that Lady Farquar-Parker's jewels are going to be stolen in the middle of her own birthday party, Mabel is intrigued enough to go along, with her trusted sidekick Sergeant Perkins. Little does she suspect until she gets ... (More)

The Soulkind Awakening
By: Steve Davala

Series: The Soulkind Series #1
Genres: Young Adult | Fantasy
Blurb: After lying dormant for a thousand years, the Soulkind awaken. Many step forward to claim their magic, but childhood dreams quickly fade under the harsh reality of its return. Who will wield the Soulkind and who must watch helplessly as magic lies forever out of reach? Who will their power corrupt? What unforeseen dangers will they bring? Jace and his friends stumble through these questions as they try to find their way in a world where the soulk... (More)

Anna Mae Lee Is My Name : COVID 19: A Compilation
By: Caldwell Lee

Genres: Poetry
Blurb: Poet Caldwell Lee is back with another sensational book of poems. Anna Mae Lee Is My Name: COVID 19: A Compilation is a terrific book of poems, full of some of the best poetry one can imagine. In the new era of Stay-at-Home-Coronavirus, Lee has had plenty of time to hone his writing skills and deliver a masterpiece for the ages. It's time once again to enter the sensational world of Caldwell Lee. The poet has managed to outdo himself this ... (More)

Black Flag Journals : One Soldier's Experience in America's Longest War
By: Dennis John Woods

Genres: Military & War | Memoirs
Blurb: The story of America's longest war is complicated and difficult to convey, unless you were there. Dennis Woods was there. By following his stories in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can sense the enormity of his combat experiences. Originally written for his daughter, Black Flag Journals is taken from the author's nine battle book journals. It covers his time from the fall of the Twin Towers through his last combat tour. Black Flag Journals contains ... (More)

Nuns With Guns
By: Seth Kaufman

Genres: Humor | Satire
Blurb: The most hilarious man in hollywood is unarmed and dangerous! Out-of-control producer Rick Salter wants to leave reality TV behind, get married, and make movies. But it’s not easy. When a senseless murder touches his life, Rick knows exactly what to do - enlist his pal Sister Rosemarie to make a TV series called Nuns with Guns, about four nuns competing to collect the most firearms. Protests and death threats pile up as the sisters travel th... (More)


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