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Books by Author - Anthony Vincent Bruno

Anthony Vincent Bruno

Anthony Vincent Bruno

Anthony Vincent Bruno is the pseudonym of the best selling author of The Long Road to Auschwitz and its follow up - Auschwitz to the Arctic Circle: The Road of Bones to a Stalinist Gulag - Leah's Story. These two novels warn of extremism, both Left and Right. His other works include the SAS Special Forces orientated "Wicked Will Perish" series which has generated close to 100,000 downloads. Versality being a thing these days, do not miss the audio book versions of "Never Again" and the outrageous comedy "Sex, Lies and the Bomb." "The Long Road to Auschwitz" audio book has just been released and many a listener gauges it to be without equal in terms of the voice acting. A remarkable performance by Ed Beasley.

Books by Anthony Vincent Bruno


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