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Ryan Rimmel

Ryan Rimmel

Ryan Rimmel is the author of the Noobtown Series, available on Kindle and published by Podium Publishing on Audible. He is currently working on the second arc of Noobtown (books 5 - 8), which further expands the adventures of Jim on Ordinal. When he is not writing, he is playing Dungeons and Dragons, upgrading his computer, or, doing other dorky tasks. During the day, he can be found maintaining the fleet of medical robots he is responsible for. Get alerted on new releases, promos and more by following Ryan on Facebook or Patreon. And for those audiobook lovers, don’t miss Johnathan McClains incredible performance of Noob Game Plus here on Audible. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Facebook at Noobtown - Books. Before anyone asks, he is always working on the next book.

Books by Ryan Rimmel


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