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Books by Author - Anya Stassiy

Anya Stassiy

Anya Stassiy

Anya Stassiy grew up reading classics by Tolstoy and Dostoevskiy. In college, she enjoyed creative writing classes and has written several medical articles working as a Physician Assistant. As an adult, Anya decided to go on an adventure of writing fiction as a hobby. She published her first novel, Eyes of Amber, in March of 2019, which has received numerous positive reviews from readers, in November 2019 Spice of Love was released. In December of 2020, Anya released her third novel in a new for her genre, Urban Fantasy. It is called Keymaker's Daughter. Anya continues to enjoy writing fiction and has started work on a fourth novel which will be the second book in Keymaker series.

Books by Anya Stassiy


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