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Books by Author - Johnathan Goldsoul

Johnathan Goldsoul

Johnathan Goldsoul

Johnathan Goldsoul has lived a storied life on and off the stage. A freelance copywriter, accomplished songwriter, sought-after dance music producer, D.J., and formally a member of the Hip-Hop Duo, Double Vision (DV) with his twin brother, Johnathan has lived a storied life and now uses those experiences to teach others how to achieve their dreams and gain financial freedom and success.

His mission is to help those who come up against incomprehensible and unpredictable circumstances overcome their situations and chart a new, secure path forward. He specializes in helping people recognize what makes them sets them apart, fine-tuning it, and monetizing that skill.

When Johnathon isn’t helping others achieve success or indulging in his creative endeavours, he can be found enjoying one of his many other passions. He makes his home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Books by Johnathan Goldsoul


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