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Joshua David

Joshua David

Joshua David is a retired law enforcement officer with an undergrad in economics and graduate work in American colonial religion. When he should have been working toward academic publishing and serious professorships, he was instead tinkering with apologetics, working to combine classical idealism with Christian theology.

Seed was born of these efforts, a release valve for the monotony of composing a proper philosophical treatise. Why spend all productive time on what is essentially a 300-page algebra equation when a character like Jess is already out in the wastes working miracles and could more easily espouse a truth many accept but few can reconcile?

Joshua David lives in Prescott, Arizona with his wife and two young sons. If there is a sliver of time not occupied by family, friends, and fictional characters, he can be found on a gun range, a jiu-jitsu mat, or under a bench press loaded with slightly more weight than his elbows appreciate.

Books by Joshua David


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