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Tooth and Nail

Inspector Rebus #3

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Tooth and Nail

Another Solid Rebus Story

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewAfter having a break to read other genres, I returned to book 3 of the Rebus series. Initially, I found it difficult to get into the swing of this one, not that there was anything wrong overall with the story... I just found for some reason it didn't grab me as quickly as the first two.

Rankin as always weaved an intricate plot with interesting hooks that even though I'd read this before, I couldn't remember most of it by the time I'd got around to listening to it this time.

All in all, a solid Rebus story, expertly narrated once again by James Macpherson, even if it did take a little longer than normal to get me sucked in.

Tooth and Nail

Inspector Rebus #3

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